First Date: Dos And Don’ts

First Date oddbuff

First impacts and first dates are forever matters of excitement. They can roll up thoughts about whether you’re decking up nice, breathing good, or if your speaking skills are well to strike a good conversation—no need to recognize when you get that second date. Do’s of the First Date Be open to surprising date ideas: A […]

Ed Sheeran: Free Concert To 700 Fans – Get the Tickets

Ed Sheeran oddbuff

The gig will be carried to celebrate the grand opening of HMV Empire in Hertford Street, with free tickets up for grabs in honor of the occasion. Ed Sheeran will show at the venue on 25 August as part of the commemorations for the company’s centenary. A total of 700 fans aged 16 and above […]

Weirdest Hair Hacks: Genie Genius

Weirdest Hair Hacks oddbuff

At times we get curious and want to put hair care and hair routines to the next level. So let’s check out here few of them. Some of them are hidden gems, while others may seem strange. 1. Highlights: When bored of crazy colored highlights, squeeze a lemon into a dish, dip a toothbrush into […]

Spice Girls At 25: Wannabe Girl Group

Spice Girls oddbuff

Twenty-five years ago this week, Melanie Brown shouted it down the camera at us dancing around the St Pancras hotel in tiny crop-top of lime green colour and jazzy trousers, pop music developed. ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls indicated the arrival of a new label of girl power and unlocked the door for a new […]

Weird Things Kids Do: Enjoy Trip Back in Time

Weird Things oddbuff

We might seem very civilised now, but this wasn’t perpetually the case. So we hope you appreciate this trip back in time list of weird things kids do that you find gross now, but you performed too. 1. Sticking things up their noses: Kids are typically led by seeing how items click into other things. […]

Who Watches The Watchmen: Meaning Behind HBO’s New Series

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More lately, the phrase has been generalised to examine authority, the utility of regulators, and projects of quality assurance.  HBO is beginning a new series Sunday announced Watchmen, a fresh take on the world of the D.C. Comics series and 2009 film of the same name. The comics, film, and T.V. series are all set […]

Playwright Relives 1920s Football Team: Dramatic New Feature

Dramatic New oddbuff

For a short-lived team from a golden era of women’s football – before females were barred from operating for decades, it’s revisiting the story of the past. Amanda Whittington was football frenzied at the age of 11. She was the single girl to play in her community children’s tournament and hover around Nottingham Forest’s stadium […]

These Are The Hottest Twins On Instagram

Jordan and Zac oddbuff

1. Jordan and Zac These Australian-born hotties are male idols (duh!) who have emerged in Vogue and just started their own YouTube channel. Try not to rhapsodize when you hear their sexy AF Aussie dialects. 2. Renee and Elisha These stunning angels also hail from Down Under, and if they resemble impossibly fresh-faced, it’s because […]

Most Popular Animals with Fun Facts: Trending on Google

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We love animals – there’s no refuting it. But besides exploring for Grumpy Cat or lovable pugs, we spend a lot of our time on the internet searching for animals. Dig into this list of the top 25 most popular animals on Google. Bison were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s but had since […]