Chandigarh Will Remain Capital Of Punjab Forever: Badal

Recent news of an independent administrator of Chandigarh has picked up a row in the state political scene. Commenting on the same Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal asserted on the fact that Chandigarh “was, is and will” ever remain an “integral part” of the state.

He said that though according to States Reorganisation Act every parent state has sole right over its Capital city but grave injustice had been meted out to Punjab by denying Chandigarh to the state.

He said that till Chandigarh was not given to the state around four decades old practice of appointing Punjab Governor as the Administrator of Chandigarh should be continued. In this case drugs in Punjab and defaming of the state is also done badly.

parkash singh badal

He insisted that Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) head Arvind Kejriwal was a “chronic nonperformer” who had “utterly failed” to fulfill even a single promise in Delhi.

He emphasized on the fact that Kejriwal has ‘anti-Punjab’ syndrome and same is reflected in his contrary stand on the Sutlej-Yamuna Link which totally showcase his interests opposite to of the state.

“Nothing good can be expected from the state from Kejriwal who has no sympathy with Punjab or its people,” he added.

He alleged that while the Congress had “planned and executed plan” to snatch water of the state, the AAP was now its toes to get SYL constructed at the earliest.