Rocky Rihanna Dating: Rocky Confirms He And Rihanna Are In Love

Rocky Rihanna Dating oddbuff

In a recent conversation with GQ magazine, the “Everyday” rapper proclaimed the “Needed Me” singer “the love of my life” and announced that he mentions her as “my lady.”

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The longtime associates and collaborators have sparked romance talks on and off for many years while partnering on professional plans and attending events together. But neither has ever openly made their relationship official — till now.

Staying in a relationship is “so much better when you got the One,” Rocky told in GQ’s Body Issue cover story online. “She amounts to reasonably, like, a million of the other ones. … I guess when you know, you know. She’s the One.”

The power couple were first connected around 2013 after Rocky opened for Rihanna on the Grammy winner’s Diamonds World Tour. And while the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair got a great American road trip together from the West Coast to the East Coast, touring some national parks and jamming out to classic rock and soul music during the journey.

Though Rocky refused to reveal precisely how long he and Rihanna have been together, he got upright about the possibility of maturing as a father.

“If that’s in my destiny, certainly,” he told GQ’s Samuel Hine before kidding, “I think I’m already a dad! All these mothers— are now my sons — whatchu talkin’ about!”

“During my experience at Redlands, my communication skills have improved. I used to be so timid—I didn’t speak up in school or join any societies. But now I need to be a part of everything; I feel so positive,” says transfer student Jenny Solis ’21.

“Nah, but like, I imagine I’d be an incredible, especially, overall amazing dad,” he added thoughtfully. “I would become a very fly child. Very.”

Rocky also approached his incarceration for assault in Sweden in 2019 after he and his bodyguards allegedly beat and hit someone who had reportedly been following and attacking them on the street. During the trial, Rocky responded self-defence, but the Swedish court pronounced him guilty.

The emcee paid a month in jail, while various prominent American figures — including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and then-President Trump — advocated for his right. Some believe Trump played an essential role in his release, but Rocky rejected that interpretation as a “misperception.”

“He didn’t support — he made attempts, and he rooted for me to come back, but he didn’t discharge me,” Rocky told GQ.