Often, Intelligence is associated with the computational and metacognitive power of the brain. Apparently, the intelligence of animals can not be linked to these definitive terms, but some animals’ levels of performing certain tasks are even better than human brain abilities. This article clears some common misconceptions about animal brain intelligence.


Image Source: http://static.howstuffworks.com/
Image Source: howstuffworks.com

Their intelligence level is far bigger than their small body size. Notably, the White-Mustached Portia spiders, the dwellers of Africa, Asia, and Australia forests possess some unique learning skills.


Image Source: d.ibtimes.co.uk
Image Source: ibtimes.co.uk

They match their cognitive intelligence with chimpanzees. Some studies show that they can even identify stress and find ways to cope with it. Their behaviour patterns very much match to people and possess great abilities to establish complex social systems and think analytically when challenged with difficult situations.


Image Source: http://thetrapperman.com/
Image Source: thetrapperman.com

The reason behind using pigeons in places such as battlefields during old times was because of their ability to detect and remember geo locations. Also, they are incredible in remembering people and places all their life which proves that they are one of the smartest animals.


Image Source: http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/
Image Source: express.co.uk

This woolly animal possesses adamant memory power, so much impressive that they can even beat human mind when in certain situations. The perfect example is, that they can identify if their fellow sheep member in lost somewhere in the flock. They have the ability to response to numerous things around them and also exhibit various forms of emotions, this proves the presence of intellect in their minds.


Image Source: animalcapturewildlifecontrol.com
Image Source: animalcapturewildlifecontrol.com

They are very competent in establishing the complex social relationship and are very much capable of using compound tools while solving some problems


Image Source: http://carolinabirds.org/
Image Source: carolinabirds.org

Just like pigeons, falcons have been used for conveying messaging and doing inspections and investigations. They are formidable in following.


Image Source: cats.org.uk
Image Source: cats.org.uk

We know that they are most tranquil while they prey, which makes them skilled hunters and smartest animals. They are extremely proficient at learning something new and possess excellent sensory abilities.


Image Source: mindsquirrel.files.wordpress.com
Image Source: mindsquirrel.files.wordpress.com

Their size actually does not represent their brain power. Maybe they are not quick while escaping when every time you almost squash them under your car. But they know very well how to keep their stomach filled and magnificent at gathering food. Their mind works wonder when searching for provisions for storing food.


Image Source: iso.500px.com
Image Source: whereandwhatintheworld.com

Their brain power is directly proportional to their giant bods. Their brain size is larger than other animals. They can easily create and practice uneasy social interactions and even have the ability to show empathy.


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Image Source: rackcdn.com

We all are familiar with their astounding mimicry skills, and most of us enjoy this. They are not limited to just their rhythmic and fluent speaking but are also accessible to solving complex problems.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Image Source: http://media4.s-nbcnews.com/
Image Source: s-nbcnews.com

They are owners of among the largest brains in the animal world and are one of the smartest animals around. They are not only recognized by their advanced communication skills but are also the most self-aware creatures. So much self-aware that they can even recognize themselves in a mirror.

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