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Smartest Animals Around The World

Often, Intelligence is associated with the computational and metacognitive power of the brain. Apparently, the intelligence of animals can not be linked to these definitive terms, but some animals’ levels of performing certain tasks are even better than human brain abilities. This article clears some common misconceptions […]

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Most Exotic Birds Ever

The Golden Pheasant This Golden Pheasant catches the eye with beautiful display of some flourascent colours. These are the birds who are natives to western China, also wanderer of other lands like UK, and are flawlessly pleasant with a golden crest and bright scarlet red body. Their […]

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Biggest Houses in the World Right Now

World is full of exotic and wonderful ideas and things. A dream house is a part of most people’s wish list and some most fortunate humans in the world have realized their dreams profoundly. Some dream houses are not less than any mansion and their owners are […]

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