Weird Things Kids Do: Enjoy Trip Back in Time

Weird Things oddbuff

We might seem very civilised now, but this wasn’t perpetually the case. So we hope you appreciate this trip back in time list of weird things kids do that you find gross now, but you performed too.

1. Sticking things up their noses: Kids are typically led by seeing how items click into other things. It is usual for children to put things in various places to act out or purposely annoy their parents. Instead, they are curious about what it would look like to place a pretzel in their nose or if a stone could fit inside their ear. It’s not a fun experience, and that works in parents favour.

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2. Peeing on, or in, stuff: Dogs do it to mark their territory. Kids do it to experiment and explore. Babies also do the same when they see a dog or cat do it. It is better to tell them. Tell kids to check with you if people aren’t sure about whether they should do something. It is necessary only to go pee in the potty or pull up so the parent can keep the house clean. 

3. Clinging to an object of affection: Kid isn’t the only one who prefers his security blanket. The object, in a way, represents the parent with who the child does not want to separate. The parent can come and go to the kitchen or work, so the object grants comfort and permanence to sit with the child and be snuggled or held.

4. Making animal noises and sounds: Several things inspire kids to roar, purr, or make odd or loud noises. First, it may be dramatic play, actually pretending to be an animal. It would not be uncommon for a 3- or 4-year-old to imagine they were animals until they bored doing so. It can also be to get attention or to make parents or peers laugh.

5. Inviting imaginary friends to party: Imaginary friends can accommodate kids who have gone through shock and can work as allies to any child. It may be one or multiple souls, animals, or fantasy beings and is often seen in a real friend way, with shared feelings, discussion, and inclusion in family activities. It is all a representation of this child’s imagination and creativity and is more likely to happen for a child who has enough unstructured playtime to invent a friend.

6. Stripping in public: Young kids can be unself-conscious about their bodies such that they may automatically strip off their clothing because they sense hot, or too restricted, or just like the feel of being naked—but not when it’s cold out. It should go off totally during the first year of preschool, if not before.

7. Painting a masterpiece on a newly painted wall: Kids believe it is a good approach at the time. It may be advised to hang large sheets of paper with masking or some other non-marking tape on all four corners and then ask your children to draw only on the paper. But, repeatedly, it is more of an artistic impulse or higher of an attention-getting one.

8. Renovating a sibling’s face with magic markers: They’re not trying to ruin their sister or brother’s good looks out of jealousy. It’s usually part of the fun, curiosity, or imagination game. It’s unusually manipulative or purposefully attentive to upsetting someone. Try to embrace this time and guide your child in making moral preferences.

9. Giving the pet a makeover: Some kids like to dress up pets like dolls and put barrettes on long-haired dogs. Kids love to colour with markers and crayons but keep these away from your pets as body glitter, and nail polish are unsafe.

10. Creating obstacle courses: Kids may decide to buckle all the seat belts in the reverse of Mom’s minivan and rotate through them like an obstacle course.