Weirdest Hair Hacks: Genie Genius

Weirdest Hair Hacks oddbuff

At times we get curious and want to put hair care and hair routines to the next level. So let’s check out here few of them. Some of them are hidden gems, while others may seem strange.

1. Highlights: When bored of crazy colored highlights, squeeze a lemon into a dish, dip a toothbrush into the juice and comb it through your hair. Then, relax in the sun for nearly an hour. Repeat once every two weeks to naturally lighten your hair.

2. Flyaways at bay: Let the baby hairs not ruin perfectly polished styles by using a toothbrush with hairspray or use a little gel and brush over the hairline.

3. Crushed aspirin: Crushed-up aspirin is a typical acne treatment but using it every two weeks on hair helps banish dullness from your hair by clearing build-up to reveal healthy-looking locks. Just crush up on aspirin into your shampoo routine as it has salicylic acid.

4. Deep conditioning with mayonnaise: When running out of your deep conditioner, mayonnaise is an excellent replacement for your favorite deep conditioner. Rub a generous amount of mayo on your damp hair from the mid hair shaft and comb through to the ends. Allow the mayo mask to soak into your hair for twenty minutes by wearing a shower cap to lock the moisture. Wash after twenty minutes.

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5. Egg Hair Mask: Eggs replenish hair and restore softness. Get few egg whites into a bowl, apply to damp hair, and comb through. Just keep it for twenty minutes and wash it.

6. Tomato Juice Savior: Want to eliminate unwanted green tones of the pool by soaking hair in red tomato juice to neutralize it. Leave the juice soaking in the hair for twenty minutes and wash normally.

7. Dry Shampoo: Make your dry shampoo by mixing two tablespoons of cocoa powder, two tablespoons of cornstarch, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Employ at the roots and shake through with fingers for a refreshed hair. Dusting a bit of baby powder on the origins and massaging it will eliminate excess oil like dry shampoo.

8. Get Rid of Static: Static hair is an embarrassment. A quick hack to save is dryer sheets. Use dryer sheets and brush them down your hair to get rid of any static pieces standing up. It will hair smelling fresh and static-free.

9. Trade old T-shirt: To reduce frizz when drying hair, use a cotton t-shirt to absorb water without causing friction—a great way to dry your hair. Squeeze, don’t rub while drying.

10. Perfect Bun: Take a sock resembling your hair color, and cut off the toe end. Next, roll the sock into itself to appear like a donut hole sock. Next, make a ponytail and place the sock donut bun, pull the ponytail through the hole, roll the sock bun with your hair till the whole of the ponytail is shaped like a bun covering the sock, and you’ll have a flawless bun.

11. Makeshift Curlers: Just wrap sections of your hair around each roll, secure it with a pin, and then spritz a sea salt-based hairspray to add volume and definition. Wait for about half an hour later and simple heat-free waves.

12. Silk Pillowcases: Buy a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night to reduce breakage and bedhead. It doesn’t cause friction when you toss and turn at night, thereby no breakage.

13. Wash hair before swimming: Washing hair before swimming ensures hair is moisturized. Before going to the ocean, wash your hair with a moisturizing conditioner and leave it in so the saltwater won’t soak into your locks. As a result, it will get less tangled and easy to comb.